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The task of comprehending the world economy and evaluating national economies within this broader context has become increasingly critical for both academic and professional business circles. The International Political Economy (IPE) Master’s Degree Programme, integrating as it is, the three major study areas of International Relations, Economics and Political Science, offers an essential pool of knowledge of increasing significance. This fact is testified by the expanding number of graduate programs on IPE in the US and Europe.

The International Political Economy Graduate Programme at Bilgi University, which first began in the fall of 2008, is the very first IPE programme in Turkey. Although economics necessarily carries a certain weight in the IPE curriculum, the general structure and application of the courses has been designed in a way to enrich the comprehension of the field through the use of various perpectives and analytical tools borrowed from other disciplines as well.

The primary goal of the International Political Economy Graduate Program is to provide students of various backgrounds and professions with the necessary formation to achieve a deeper understanding of the world that is currently under the impact of a major economic crisis and undergoing a fast-paced and intense period of globalization, and of Turkey, which is not only interacting but also rapidly integrating with the global economy and politics. The program essentially and effectively aims at helping students in their attempts to explain, reflect and act on this understanding in their own lives, to be able to produce and make use of options concerning their academic/professional/daily life.

Since IPE is basically an interdiciplinary field by orientation and content, candidates who come from non-economics backgrounds are accepted and able to successfully continue their studies in the IPE programme. This programme, with its multidimensional content, provides a strong alternative for both students who wish to further their academic interests and professionals who feel the need for a depth and diversity of knowledge in their professional lives.

Program yapısı

The program may be completed with a MA thesis or a project. The program with project consists of 4 core courses, 6 electives and a semester-long project. The program with thesis consists of 4 core courses, 3 electives, and a two-term thesis.

Core Courses:

International Political Economy
World Economic History
Global Macroeconomics
Research Methods

Elective Courses:

The Political Economy of International Finance
Economic Development
The World Economy in the 20th century
Poverty, Social Alienation and Social Politics
Public Sector and Regulation
Turkish Economy in the Global Context
Comparative Economic Policy

Students, with the consent of the Program Director, may take a maximum of two elective courses (one in the case of thesis program) from the other graduate programs listed below:

Financial Economics
International Relations
Cultural Studies
European Studies
Law (Business Law / Human Rights Law)
Architectural Design

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Application deadlines apply to citizens of: Türkiye