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The duties of anesthesiatechnicians are to assist the authorized anesthesiologist with anesthesia therapies in health sector, to take part in preparing the patient and to be the nearest person for the patient which means to be available in the operating room during the therapy. Anesthesia program graduates are aimed to be educated to know of the patient, the illness, the necessary drugs and the conditions very well. Our graduates that take place in the anesthesia team are all assistant health personnel. Our educational program aims to provide the students with all necessary knowledge and skills in this area. It is significant to train technicians who are able to prepare the patient before the operation, assist the anesthesiologist during the operation, to check and supervise the patient after the operation. In addition to advanced anesthesia devices and various anesthesia technics, the students learn aboutsterilization and emergency patient care in the program.

Program yapısı

In the first semester of the program students take main theoretical courses such as physiology, anesthesiology I, sterilization principles and methods. In the remaining three semesters, other courses such as anesthesia device and equipment, infectious diseases, pathology, special anesthesia technics are present. In addition, in the second year together with applied anesthesia and reanimation courses, the internship is enabled. In this context, innovations and developments in the national and international fields are examined and the basic knowledge that students have gained is supported through examples. Along with the theoretical courses in this field, hands-on training emphasized and students are encouraged for the internships.

İş olanakları

After completing the program’s professional practice and the internship, students graduate assuming the title of anesthesia technician. Most of the existing anesthesia technicians have started to work in the vacant positions of The Ministry of Health in recent years. Apart from public institutes, private hospitals, policlinics, laboratories, medical centers, dispensaries, community health centers, public health centers, family practice centers are other significant areas of employment for the program graduates.

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