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AAApplied English and Translation

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In globalized world of and full accession process of Turkey to the European Union, the need for competent verbal and written translators is increasing in terms of Turkey’s position and conditions. The increasing interest in the said field creates the need for the activities to be performed in an effective and efficient way and so this raises labor demand for qualified staff. In the light of this information, the purpose of Applied English and Translation program is to educate graduates to have competency for being able to make translations in different sectors by acting over terms and phrases used in business life provided that they make reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills English and Turkish be at the highest level. Applied English and Translation program within the Vocational Higher School of Nişantaşı University renders theoretic and practice-based education related with different sectors in order for Turkish and English to be used in the most effective way. In this way, our graduates have competency to translate text in a wide range extending from the literary works to scientific articles. Support of academics experienced in the sector was considerably received during creation of curriculum by depending on the legislation, as well. In this line, by concentrating on both theoretic and practical education, it has been tried to prepare substructure for our graduates’ employability under easy and good circumstances.

Program yapısı

Curriculum of Applied English and Translation program has been constituted with the courses to be used at every stage of business life. Major lessons such as Comparative Grammar, Introduction to Translation, Introduction to Oral Translation, Composition, Oral Communication Skills, Contemporary British and American Literature, Oral Translation, Translation Theory and Techniques, etc. and special area courses such as Media Translation, Technical Translation, Literary Translation, Business Translation, Dubbing and Subtitling Translation, etc. are provided.

İş olanakları

Graduates of the program can work at sworn translation offices, particularly written and simultaneous translation offices. They can be also employed at various public institutions (Ministry of Foreign affairs, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism, etc.), publications, embassies, consulates, cultural centers, hotels, travel agencies, and multinational institutions and organizations.

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Application deadlines apply to citizens of: Türkiye