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Öğrenim ücreti 12.000,00 $ yıl başına

KHAS has an extensive scholarship program to support well-qualified international students in their studies at KHAS. 25% to 50% tuition waiver scholarships are available for undergraduate studies.

Every international student application for a KHAS academic program is evaluated for a scholarship. No separate scholarship application is necessary. Tuition reduction scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. High international or national examination scores and graduation grades are taken into consideration. Tuition reduction scholarships, are subject to maintain a min. of 1.5 GPA at the end of each academic year.

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The Advertising Department at Kadir Has University aims to enable the students to learn consumer and market research, brand management, and to combine the methods and principles of communication with the tools of creativity in order to graduate as able advertisers.

At a time when brands and consumer culture are becoming increasingly important, successful advertising requires an understanding of the culture of consumption and the subsequent communication of the brand value to consumers. Hence, our consumer research, marketing, new communication methods, new media, brand management, production and creative writing classes include both up-to-date theory and practice.

Program yapısı

Our students are exposed to departmental classes starting from Year 1, are introduced to theoretical and technical skills and knowledge in Year 2, are expected to build on the previous years’ knowledge and skills in Year 3 projects, and have a graduation project in Year 4 which provides another chance at practicing the acquired skills and knowledge. The elective classes offer varied opportunities for students with creative, strategic and managerial, and researching skills. Our programme in advertising prepares students for the future by offering knowledge and skills that combine art and technology with communications and consumer relationships.

İş olanakları

Our programme allows the third and fourth year students to gain yet more hands on experience though participating in competitions and taking part in the University’s social responsibility projects. In addition, the scope of the graduation project allows our students to build their portfolios using the theoretical knowledge they gained during their studies.

In our Advertising Atelier led and managed by experienced advertisers, students from all year levels get a chance to work on their individual portfolios. The aim of maintaining an Advertising Atelier is to enable our students to partake in competitions and to graduate with a sound portfolio, which will give them a competitive advantage in their job search.

Working Fields

The working fields of this department is various. The students graduate from this department can work in several areas of the communication sector, as well in advertising and public relations agencies.

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