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BABusiness Administration

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KHAS has an extensive scholarship program to support well-qualified international students in their studies at KHAS. 25% to 50% tuition waiver scholarships are available for undergraduate studies.

Every international student application for a KHAS academic program is evaluated for a scholarship. No separate scholarship application is necessary. Tuition reduction scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. High international or national examination scores and graduation grades are taken into consideration. Tuition reduction scholarships, are subject to maintain a min. of 1.5 GPA at the end of each academic year.

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The basic principle of our department is the implementation of a modern business administration education program supported by economics, finance and computer science.

Business education provided by our department in English, covers not only business science and techniques but also other areas relevant to and necessary for the study of business administration. For example, the students of our department who are business manager candidates are informed about tax practices and issues which have critical importance for our country’s industrial and commercial life. They also obtain economic analysis and forecasting qualities, one of today’s company’s needs.

Program yapısı

Additionally, business administration department students learn leadership, management, team building, communication, sales management and business management skills needed in business, quickly and effectively. Through this education, they can find suitable jobs according to their interests and capabilities in the service, industrial and commercial sectors. The department of business administration has faculty members who are armed with both universal theoretical knowledge of academic life and practical experience of contemporary business life in their career. The faculty staff’s aim is to train students who are eager to learn, adapted to change, open to innovation and who can analyze events around a micro-and macro-perspective. Another goal of the faculty is to educate students who can work in an interdisciplinary manner. Finally, business administration students will have problem solving ability, leadership skills, managerial abilities and business knowledge.

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The business administration department aims to train professionals who will work at the accounting, finance, production, personnel, marketing, sales, administration and other departments of the economy’s most important national and multinational firms.

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