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MABusiness Administration

Öğrenim ücreti 12.000,00 $ yıl başına

a) Academic excellence scholarship with full tuition waiver. Some students may also receive stipends. Students on this scholarship must work at their department for 10-20 hrs/week. Students must meet all of the following requirements for this scholarship opportunity: Minimum 3.00/4.00 GPA. GRE quantitative 685 or ALES 70. TOEFL 90 or IELTS 6 or ÜDS 75.

b) Partial tuition reduction scholarships: 25-50% tuition reductio

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Our MBA program aims to furnish our students with the core knowledge and expertise, necessary in the conduct of domestic and international businesses, in finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, production/operations management, strategic management and policy, and organizational behavior and management. Our program supplements and enriches these core courses with elective courses. Guest speakers and case studies are also an integral part of our curriculum and provide a solid bridge between the theory and the practice. Admisson to our program requires an earned four-year undergraduate degree.

The language of instructions in all courses is English. Our program does not have a thesis requirement.

We do our best to accommodate the schedules of our employed students in scheduling our courses.

Program yapısı

The design of our MBA program assumes that our students (a) studied a non-business subject, (b) have the ambition to assume a managerial post in either a private or a public sector establishment, and © enjoy a busy daily schedule. Under these assumptions, we offer a relatively flexible learning environment and structure. Through either the conferences that KHAS University organizes regularly across diverse disciplines or events where our guest speakers, from both Turkey or other countries, deliver a talk or a conversation on a timely topic of interest or art and cultural exchanges receptions or presentations to the public at our Rezan Has Museum, we provide our students with several opportunities to meet and network with our guests and alumni. We also aim to (i) follow closely our alumni in an organized manner, (ii) invite themofficially to our campus at least once a year, (iii) support them in their professional careers through career development initiatives and (iv) receive, listen to and put in action our alumni’s constructive feedback, guidance and opinions on the future of our MBA program.

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