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MACinema and Television

Öğrenim ücreti 12.000,00 $ yıl başına

a) Academic excellence scholarship with full tuition waiver. Some students may also receive stipends. Students on this scholarship must work at their department for 10-20 hrs/week. Students must meet all of the following requirements for this scholarship opportunity: Minimum 3.00/4.00 GPA. GRE quantitative 685 or ALES 70. TOEFL 90 or IELTS 6 or ÜDS 75.

b) Partial tuition reduction scholarships: 25-50% tuition reductio

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The Cinema-Television Graduate Program aims to provide students with an advanced course of study in the history, theory and criticism of motion pictures. the instruments, contexts, and settings of the cinema and TV through the interdisciplinary cooperation of cultural, sociological, psychological, historical and linguistic approaches as well as promoting the emergence of products in these areas. The program is structured as to give the students the possibility to choose from a wide range of elective courses.

Graduates from the M.A. in Cinema and Television Studies program have gone on to successful careers as film scholars, curators, festival programmers, film archive preservationists, as well as film critics, instructors, screenwriters, filmmakers and industry professionals. Cinema and Television Studies M.A. students also have the opportunity to pursue internships in order to further their professional development at film libraries and archives in the city or in the film and media industries.

Program yapısı

A curriculum specially designed to train successful researchers and practitioners in the field of film-television studies and media industry.

Opportunities to work with professionals.

A creative and critical academic atmosphere as a result of interaction of different disciplines.

Flexible institutional structure, which allows students to take on different courses from other graduate programs within the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

Several scholarship opportunities.

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Application deadlines apply to citizens of: Türkiye