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MAIndustrial Engineering

Öğrenim ücreti 12.000,00 $ yıl başına

a) Academic excellence scholarship with full tuition waiver. Some students may also receive stipends. Students on this scholarship must work at their department for 10-20 hrs/week. Students must meet all of the following requirements for this scholarship opportunity: Minimum 3.00/4.00 GPA. GRE quantitative 685 or ALES 70. TOEFL 90 or IELTS 6 or ÜDS 75.

b) Partial tuition reduction scholarships: 25-50% tuition reductio

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Due to increasing dependency on natural resources at today’s technological and industrial developments, utilizing the scarce resources has become one to the most critical areas of research. Given these constantly evolving business and working conditions, industrial engineers excel in areas such as management of scarce resources, development of alternative production policies and coordination of interdisciplinary projects. Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering that involves human, machines, materials and similar elements and develops system, model and method to analyze, plan, organize, monitor and improve manufacturing and service systems.

Basic research areas are production planning and inventory control, manufacturing automation, manufacturing systems design and analysis, cost management, operations research, decision analysis, quality management, and human factors engineering.

Program yapısı

Our graduates have the skills to solve industrial engineering problems in both production and service systems using science and engineering principles, and to determine, identify, analyze and solve complex problems that arise during the operation of industrial and service systems. Additionally, due to future changing conditions, students are taught to follow scientific and technological innovations and renew themselves.

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Application deadlines apply to citizens of: Türkiye