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History of exchange, transaction and trade, which resists to history of humanity, gained an international attribute with nascent boundaries that divided historic countries from each other.

At the present time, international trade has increased tremendously in terms of economics, politics and society.

Expedition and vast amount of relay of the products are the most important features of global international trade.

Program yapısı

International Trade is closely related to disciplines of macroeconomics, international economics, international management, international marketing and international finance, with the dimensions of production and GDP of countries.

Rapid change of the regulation and technology of export, import, customs, insurance and banking applications are the first topics that come to mind when International Trade is mentioned.
International Trade is the crossing of the boundaries between countries and regions for product, service, and capital transaction of business, individuals and corporations.

International Trade has grown extraordinarily by courtesy of industrialization, globalization, international corporations, transportation opportunities, increase in welfare of countries, widespread employment of subcontractor and underwriter companies. First of these advances was the use of English as the contract language. Four years of contemporary curriculum is applied after the application of English preparatory education.

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This new department is adopting the aim to prepare our students to business life and enabling them to work as executives and managers with internationally experienced academic staff and practical based classes.

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