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Study Turkish at TÖMER Centers in Turkey and Transfer into Universities

TÖMER is the abbreviated name of Turkish Teaching Center. It was established to give Turkish language teaching services to students who want to learn Turkish as a second language. It (operates)in many cities by many universities, depending on the Application and Research Centers.

After learning Turkish in TÖMER, students can apply to Turkish State and Foundation Universities with TÖMER Turkish Proficiency Certificate. This certificate officially present the knowledge of Turkish. The certificate will be valid 2 (years).

Turkish Education in TÖMER consists of 5 levels from A1 to C1.
According to the University and departments, the level of Turkish language may vary during application. For example; C1 is required for departments such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. B1-B2 certification may be sufficient for some engineering departments. For master’s and doctorate programs, at least B2 level is required to know and understand Turkish.

At this point, students who filled and complete their application will have proved Turkish education wit of the contracted university. Each level continues 8 weeks (160 hours). Lessons are given in the morning or afternoon program with 4 hours each day. At the end of each level, students will take the final exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, the students will be eligible for the next level. Students who successfully complete 40-weeks (800-hours) classes have a right to receive the TÖMER and an official certificate of sufficient knowledge of the Turkish language.

Program Starting Date: A new class is open on the first Monday of each month.So you can apply for every month of the year!!!

Program Commitments

1- Turkish education is made up of 5 levels which fee will be paid by the student. In case of failure the student or repeating the certain level, the exchange rate fee will be deducted from the fee paid and the same rate shall be repeated without any additional fee.
2- Students can apply for a one-year residence permit with the student certificate.
3- Classes consist of minimum 15 and maximum 25 students.
4- At the end of the education , there will be no additional fee for the certificate which will be given to the student.
5- The certificate given at the end of the education is valid for 2 years.
6- The student who delete registration his/her student certificate and residence permit will be canceled.
7- The residence permit and the follow-up process are the student’s own responsibility.

Registration Process

Applications and enrollment in the Turkish language course can be done as follows:

1- The payment confirmed will be received by paying to the bank account amount to $1600 for the Turkish language course and accept letter. Payment can not be made at rates. The name of the person who is sending or the person who does it is obligatory to write in the additional description.

2- After clicking ”Apply Now” button, fills the complete and correct information. As a follow:

Name / Surname / E-mail / Phone number / Address sections fill in writing.

The passport / photo / bank receipt sections, the scanned documents (Jpg / PDF) have to be filled in the system.

3- Training program form and contract will be sent to the student whose transactions and payment is approved by mail. The student must complete and sign the form and send it again trough the e-mail.
4- The letter of acceptance for the student, whose application is completed, will be send to the certain address by DHL cargo and also the admission letter will be send to the consulate at the same time.
5- The student who take accepting letter while they are in their countries, should go and apply to Turkish Language Teaching Visa by going to Turkish Consulate.
6- The student whose visa is approved must enter at least 10 days before the starting of course.
7- After the student’s arrival in Turkey at the latest within 3 days have to came to “Turkish Education Welcome Office”

-Passport and visa photocopy,
-2 photos give by themself
-The student should personally take the document

Refund Policy

1 – Students with acceptance letter and visa the refund will not be approved.
2 – Students who receive refuse for accept later and a visa will get refund of 1400$
3- Documents required for the refund ;
- Visa refuse page,
- Request for a refund (English)
- Refunding bank account information (belonging to the applicant),

4- The return can be requested within 3 months after the acceptance date. Any requests exceeding this period will not be taken into consideration.
5- Refund will be made within 3 months after the full preparation of the required documents by the student..

Program yapısı

Turkish courses are composed of totally 12 levels as 4 Basic Courses, 4 Intermediate Courses and 4 Advanced Courses. Our students are assessed at the end of each level through four basic language skills (listening-comprehending, reading- comprehending, speaking, written expression) and level passing examination including supplementary skills which support these skills (grammar).

Hemen başvurun! Rolling application 2021/22
Bu devreden bir alım dönemidir-başvurular sene boyunca kabul edilir.
Derslerin başlama tarihi
4 Kas 2019

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Hemen başvurun! Rolling application 2021/22
Bu devreden bir alım dönemidir-başvurular sene boyunca kabul edilir.
Derslerin başlama tarihi
4 Kas 2019

Son başvuru tarihleri şu vatandaşlar için geçerlidir: ABD