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In addition to acquiring a very qualified mathematics education, the students of our department become individuals who care and respect the academic ethic, are equipped with a critical way of thinking, have the ability to learn, question, research, create and entrepreneur. Our students also are self-confident, able to work both individually and as a part of a team, who follow the developments in their field and become knowledgeable in many different areas.

Program yapısı

The first two years of the curriculum of the Department of Mathematics consists of basic mathematics courses and courses providing the backgrounds of computer science. Third and fourth years of the program consist of both basic compulsory courses and technical, non-technical and cultural elective courses. Elective courses enrich the mathematical knowledge of the students and direct them to perform academic studies. In addition, these courses contain various applications of mathematics, so that the students of the department can find jobs in their areas of interests at an appropriate level after their graduation. Furthermore, the program allows the students to choose elective courses from other departments and become knowledgeable in other areas as well.

İş olanakları

Nowadays, Mathematics is accepted as the basis of high technology. The program of the department is constructed according to this principle and as a result of the qualified education, our graduates are highly privileged at recruitments.

Graduates of the Department of Mathematics can be employed as:
Academic staff at Mathematics Departments or other departments at Universities,
Data Processing Manager,
Numerical Analysis Specialist,
Software Support Specialist,
System Analyst,
System Programmer,
Actuary Specialist,
Cryptography Specialist,
Risk Analyst,
Credit/Investment Manager,
Finance Consultant,
Operation Research Analyst,
Teacher (certificate of education needed),
R & D Specialist,
at Finance Institutions, Communication Institutions, Computer Industry, Consultant Companies, Manufacturing Industry, Transportation Companies, Education Institutions, Banks and Insurance Companies, the Stock Market, Public Planning Department, R&D Departments of Private and Public Companies, Hospitals, Security Companies, Real Estate Companies and other companies.

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