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Our curriculum is designed with a view to focussing on the common themes of world literature, comparing different literary traditions in terms of genre and period; introducing literary theory within a global, transnational perspective. The language of instruction is English except for the courses that focus on Turkish literature.

Program yapısı

Our courses are structured along two major axes: One is methodology that rests on narratology and literary theory. The other is text-analysis within a historical-cultural perspective. The courses in Mythology, History of Western Civilizations, History of Art, History of Music, Philosophical Foundations of Culture and Ideology are included to support and reinforce these two axes on which our approach to literature rests. These courses also form a substantial part of the Humanities program of the university at large.

İş olanakları

A considerable number of our students pursue their studies toward graduate work in Turkey or abroad. Others embark on careers in literary criticism, advertising, film script writing, research and production of TV documentaries, translation, editing, and lately, museology. Those students who graduate with a double major from the department of Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualify to become English teachers in secondary schools.

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