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Doğuş University
Türkiye, İstanbul
Faculty of Science and Arts Türkiye, Istanbul
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Psychology is both a science and a profession. As a profession it has become firmly established in the last century and today it is both highly esteemed and in great demand in many countries including Turkey.

As a science, psychology seeks to investigate and explain the causes and mechanisms of human behavior, cognition, and emotions. Accordingly the field of psychology encompasses a wide range of sub-disciplines such as cognitive, clinical, developmental, social, organizational, and physiological psychology as well as personality psychology and health psychology. The psychology undergraduate program at Doğuş University introduces students to all these branches and allows them to concentrate on the areas of their interest by way of departmental electives. During their undergraduate years, students acquire the skills required for researching and problem solving within the general field of psychology. Courses in clinical psychology and visual perception as well as the observations carried out in the Undergraduate Psychology Laboratory constitute some of means which provide students with skills that are useful in solving problems.

Program yapısı

Department of Psychology also offers graduate degrees. We currently offer M. A. and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology and M. A. degree in Couple and Family Therapy. Masters level programs are more practice oriented, with specific emphasis on therapist training via live supervision. Graduates of our Ph. D. program are expected to join academic ranks in Psychology.

We believe that the area of psychology will have a more significant role in the betterment of human life and of human societies in the future. We welcome all who share our enthusiasm for Psychology.

İş olanakları

Today our psychology graduates are offered positions in a variety of institutions such as schools, counseling and guidance centers, hospitals, human resources departments of companies, public relations and advertising firms.

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