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BScBiomedical Engineering

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Engineers find a solution to a particular problem or to meet a requirement of a tangible product (machinery, equipment, system or process). An engineer designs, builds, operates, examines the product and the behavior under different operating conditions in order to improve and develop it. Problems that need solutions and other complications enable engineers to expand and deepen their knowledge in the field. New engineering disciplines occur in this process. Biomedical Engineering is one of these developing and growing momentums in the last fifty years.

Biomedical Engineering often deals in the areas of biological systems, in particular, organized high-level in a complex system, the components of the structure of the human body, understand the interactions and functional impairment to identify and resolve the necessary tools needed, equipment and system development.

Examples of the issues involved in biomedical engineering;

Electronic devices such as EKG and MRI are used for diagnostic purposes, the design and manufacture of the following devices such as cautery and catheter tools are used for treatment purposes, dialysis machine devices, surgical robotic systems, the carrying of various drugs, when necessary the emission of micro-platforms such as artificial materials, hearing aids, instruments that increase the accuracy and sensitivity of limb and organ functions, bone and vascular prostheses and heart valves.
Interfaces are designed, produced and made ​​ready for use by passing through performance testing equipment, systems and processes in the areas of use of the high performance necessary to serve the development of the human-computer;
In order to increase the quality and efficiency of health services various processes, management and development of organizational models are established;
Biomedical devices and system performance tests are conducted to create various virtual platforms, mechanical and biological models, design, production and testing.

Program yapısı

Bahcesehir University Biomedical Engineering Department has been established to train engineers and educated them on the production and use of theoretical and practical skills as researchers and professionals with a sense of responsibility. The department focuses on science, human anatomy and physiology, basic and applied mathematics, systems modeling and analysis methods, materials, electronics, control and computer issues basic knowledge of medical products and equipment design.

In addition to other engineering departments Genetic and Bioinformatics Department and the Faculty of Medicine have programs that carry out in compliance to the training program. The program focuses on the students’ interests and abilities, their period of study, expertise and flexibility for postgraduate work environment that students are able to determine for themselves.

İş olanakları

Hospitals and other health care facilities
In universities
Medical research centers
Medical devices and equipment producing, selling and providing after-sales support for organizations
In the pharmaceutical industry
Health care provider in the information-processing unit
Students can also work as if they wish in biomedical, biomaterials, biomechanics, bioinformatics, medical physics, and genetic engineering. Students will be able to continue to pursue a graduate degree in related fields such as tissue engineering. Students will also have the opportunity to attend universities overseas that have a joint program with our university.

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