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BAIndustrial Design

Tuition fee $12,000.00 per year
Deposit $1,000.00 one-time
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The undergraduate program at the Department of Industrial Design (DoID) at OzU is the first of its kind in Turkey with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and business management with its innovative and flexible curriculum. As well as being in collaboration with all the stakeholders of the design industry at local, national and global levels, the Department also has the vision to consider the changing role and the increasing importance of design in societies and the business world.
The undergraduate program in the Department of Industrial Design (DoID) at OzU aims to equip students with professional design knowledge and skills at international standards for designing and developing new products and systems. The education has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, business management and research in design studios structured in a flexible way. Close collaboration with industry, using innovative and experimental methods, user-centeredness, and sensitivity for the society, environment and the changing needs of both national and global stakeholders are the fundamental principles of the undergraduate program.

The undergraduate program of DoID is student-focused, and open to have interactions with other departments of the Faculty. The program ensures that students gain problem solving and creative thinking abilities in a flexible manner. It relies on the use of innovative and experimental design education methods. The undergraduate program of DoID is sensitive to the social and environmental issues and always in touch with the changing needs of both national and global stakeholders.
In today’s global world, sustainable competitive advantage is only possible by being constantly innovative and differentiated. Another fact with an increasing importance for competitive advantage is to support a sustainable life in a holistic way. OzU DoID aims the graduates to prioritize renewable energy in natural resources use, to be fully aware of the sustainability concept in design and production processes and to be fully equipped with necessary knowledge and skills.

Within this scope the mission of the Department of Industrial Design at OzU is structured as follows:

• To educate the students to become entrepreneurial designers who can employ their design knowledge and skills in today’s global and dynamic world, and to create not only new products but also innovative services from a broad social, cultural, and business perspective based on the mutual interests of all the stakeholders; users, industry, society and environment at large.
• To conduct interdisciplinary research for creating new knowledge and methods in design in response to the changing needs of society and the industry at global scale and to share the outcome with all interested parties.

Programme structure

The undergraduate curriculum in Industrial Design not only aims to train creative and entrepreneurial industrial designers who are sensitive about social and environmental concerns, but also to ensure that students learn by discovering, research and having a multilayered and flexible thinking system.

In the freshman year, the students take courses which they learn the basic principles of design and gain basic skills;

The sophomore year curriculum is composed of a major focus on design studios together with supporting courses on materials, manufacturing methods, human factors and design history;

In the junior year, the students take design studios, courses on design strategy and management, courses such as marketing and entrepreneurship from the other departments of the university and courses according to their interest areas;

The senior year consists of a major focus on the design studio and the graduation studio together with supportive courses such as portfolio design, design protection, legal issues and also courses on the interest areas of the students.

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