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AAOrthopedic Prothestics and Orthotics

Tuition fee $6,000.00 per year
Application fee $100.00 one-time
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This program aims to train qualified technicians for the orthopedic prosthetics and orthotics program as part of vocational school. In case of losing limbs like hand, foot etc., it’s really important to have qualified technicians who know the techniques of making prosthetic limbs that cover the functions of the lost limbs or externally applied devices (orthoses) to protect, fix and support some of the body parts. It is obvious that the need of qualified technicians is increasing rapidly day by day. This program trains health technicians (orthopedic prosthetics and orthotics technician) that will cover the need of qualified technicians. Within the scope of this program, it is aimed to train health technicians who can build pain reliever, function increaser, immobilizer, fixer and supportive; durable, aesthetic and functional orthotics for musculoskeletal and neural system pathologies for the people who lost their arms or legs for some reasons.

Programme structure

The curriculum of orthopedic prosthetics and orthotics program is formed with courses that can be used in all stages of professional life. Mechanical Physics, prosthetics I, technical drawing, orthotics, kinesiology-biomechanics, and biomechanical principle of prosthetics are the core courses. Besides these courses, quality and accreditation in health, public health, neurology and anatomy courses are also offered to our students.

Career opportunities

Prosthetics and orthotics technicians are able to work relevant prosthetics and supportive devices workshops of university, public or private hospitals’ rehabilitation departments, or they can open their own workshops and execute their work. The need of graduates of this department who will teach prosthetics and orthotics at a scientific level is very high, so graduates can be employed easily. The ones who graduate from the associate degree successfully can be transferred to biomedical engineering, physiotherapy and rehabilitation bachelor’s degree programs if they pass the External Transfer Exam (DGS) by ÖSYM successfully.

Apply now! Fall 2017
Application deadline
Sep 1, 2017 23:59
Europe/Istanbul time
Studies commence
Oct 21, 2017

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States