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AAChemistry Technology

Tuition fee $7,200.00 per year
Application fee $100.00 one-time


It’s a two year program which has four terms having 14 weeks each. In that phase; academic study and laboratory practices and also teaching based on industry are being run. This curriculum is designed to present industrial chemistry and chemistry’s basic notions as well as helping the students in developing their sleights in the fields of industry and laboratory applications. The program aims to supply intermediate stuff of our day and the future, and for that chemistry technician who is a member of industrial chemistry group is expected to be more sophisticated than a skilled labor; and have vision. The main duty of a chemistry technician is to help a chemist or a chemical engineer with the process of industrial applications. Because of that, this program requires a chemistry technician to have vast information on both basic principles of chemistry and the ability to run and control the high technology devices.

Chemistry Technology Program aims to educate Master Chemistry Technicians who will perform the necessary tasks in order to obtain a product of desired quality by following the work plan and program that are prepared by chemistry engineers and chemists at the laboratories that are located at the offices where chemical substances are produced or products are produced using chemical substances.

Programme structure

Gedik Vocational High School students studying at the University of Gedik Chemistry Technology Program, all kinds of knowledge and skills in the field of chemistry technology as well as being the main chemical as the dominant issues, not only the implementation of the profession, aims to educate as a full understanding of information in terms.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this program are able to work at operation, quality control and chemical analysis laboratories in the industry as well as at laboratories of related health establishments.

Chemistry Technology field is closely related to all sectors in which industrial production is done along with sectors such as health and food. There are Chemistry Technology related units at refineries and in the fields of petrochemistry, rubber, cement, paint, detergent, cosmetics, textile and medicine. Chemistry Technology is very widely used in the ceramics, glass, automotive, metal, mining, energy and agriculture sectors. Production and quality control departments of nearly all of the industrial establishments are related to Chemistry Technology.

Apply now! Fall 2018
Application deadline
Aug 12, 2018 23:59
Europe/Istanbul time
Studies commence
Sep 19, 2018

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States