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AAComputer Programming

Tuition fee $7,200.00 per year
Application fee $100.00 one-time
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Computer Programming Program intends to educate Computer Programmers who can analyze and evaluate a lot of information about different subjects in a fast and systematic way under a computer environment and can write programs for this purpose.

Computer Programming program capable of both theoretical knowledge and the application in the context of the related industrial sectors in need of qualified computer technicians, aims to educate such experts and technical personnel. Computer Programming Programme executed in undergraduate education for 2 years.

The goal of the program is to train students to have computer hardware, software, programming, database management, networking and internet technology competencies to supply industry and service sector needs.

Programme structure

It is objectived to have graduates who are, Conscious about Atatürk´s Principles and comprehend History of Turkish Revolution, Good at using Turkish language skills, Able to use mathematical skills in professional area, Able to use intermediate level of English, Comprehend basic concepts of computer field, Able to take part on plan and design of software (in PC, Network and Internet environment), able to be in teamwork, Comprehend software, installation and testing processes, Able to provide data storage and security, Use word processor, spreadsheet, presenter, database and graphic softwares and develop new applications by using their development kits.

Career opportunities

Able to diagnose and maintain common software and hardware failures, Comprehend expedition and installation processes of hardware, Able to recognize personal and network operating systems and use popular of them, Adopt philosophy of total quality management and to be able to support institutional processes, Consider the professional ethic, health and safety precautions

Apply now! Fall 2018
Application deadline
Aug 12, 2018 23:59
Europe/Istanbul time
Studies commence
Sep 19, 2018

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States