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Even if International Trade and Logistics are thought as different fields, they are integrated. For this reason, a good logistician should have comprehensive knowledge of international trade while an international trader should have the command of logistics services. At this stage, it is important to give students interdisciplinary training especially in terms of the advantages after graduation. The aim of International Trade and Logistics department is to educate experts who know international trade documents; carry out delivery and payments processes; have the ability of managing of supply, production and sale operations; are knowledgeable about customs regulations and are able to apply them in professional life; conduct benefit analysis effectively in the companies for which they work.

Programme structure

The curriculum of International Trade and Logistics contains all information which could be applied in every stage of professional life. Introduction to international trade, introduction to logistics management, international marketing, international transportation, supply chain management, banking and foreign exchange transactions, and usage of package in international trade, customs procedures, international financing, storage management and sectorial project logistics applications are the core courses of the department. In addition to these courses, in each term it is aimed that our students can speak at least two of Spanish, Russian or German languages, which is one of the requirements of professional English courses and department to consolidate General English they have learned in preparatory classes. They are offered as elective courses.

Career opportunities

Nowadays in which all businesses globalize rapidly and have international connections, the graduates of International Trade and Logistics department can find suitable jobs in a wide range of employment areas. First of all, they can work for the departments such as international trade, logistics, financial management, management organization, human resources management, production management and international marketing. Besides, the graduates of International Trade and Logistics can find suitable positions in Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Economy, in the fields of aviation and maritime, in import-export, logistics and transportation companies, in customs and in the exchange departments of banks. In addition, the graduates have all legal rights of the graduates of other faculties and vocational schools of higher education which provide education in the fields of Economy, Business Economics, International Trade, Finance, Banking and Logistics.

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Aug 15, 2018 23:59
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Sep 1, 2018 23:59
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Oct 21, 2018

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