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Sociology is a field that investigates the changes in people’s daily lives and social events, effects of governmental institutes on society that occurs in the social structure in a theoretical and practical way. Sociological approach allows people to produce critical solution methods by analyzing the relationships with each other during the social situations and also the relationships with social and governmental structures. People who graduate from Sociology department deserve to have “Sociologist” title. Sociologists are the people who try to understand and explain the individuals in the society, investigate interaction patterns among them, and carry out all of these scientifically.

Programme structure

“Applied sociology” percept that modern sociology departments considers important comes forefront in the syllabus structure and theoretical courses are not disregarded as well at Nişantaşı University. Therefore, statistics and research methods related courses and theoretical courses are balanced, the aim is to upskill the students who graduate from this department about reporting, analyzing, applying, and planning sociological research projects. Some of the courses are listed below: Sociology I-II, Psychology I-II, Philosophy I-II, Sociological Approaches and Classical and Modern Theories, Research Methods in Sociology I-II, Introduction to Basic Statistics, Ethology, Sociology Intellectual History I-II, Change in Turkish Society I-II, Civil Society, Historical Sociology, Social Structure of Turkey, Sociology of Sexuality, Urban Sociology, Geography-Border and Migration, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Family, Agism, Political Economics, Sociology of Politics, Social Movements, Social Change and Globalization, Sociology of Nature and Environment, Popular Arts and Sociology, Rural Sociology, Crime and Sociology, Cultural Identity and Politics, Modernity and Postmodernity, Sociology of Religion, Literature and Sociology, A Sociological View Through Middle-East, Sociological Health.

Career opportunities

There are various employment areas for Sociology graduates to work as sociologists. Employment opportunity of Sociologists has increased with the assignments in the public institutions and requirement and attention of private sector in the recent years. A person who graduated from Sociology department can work in his/her own field easily after he/she studied sociology savourily as long as he/she considers that “working opportunities would be more if you improve yourself after graduation”. Sociologists have the opportunity to be academicians by completing the post-graduate studies and to continue their careers in private sector as well. Sociologists can be employed in public institutions like Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health (assigned with sociologist in the frame of supervised release), Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education (appointed as a philosophy teacher at secondary education after completing pedagogical formation education), State Planning Organization, General Directorate of Foundations, Directorate of Social Services. Sociologists can continue their career in private sector fields like research companies, media organizations, human resources fields, advertising, public relations, consultancy, and publishing. Graduates can also work as family consultants by getting the necessary certificates and as philosophy teachers by completing philosophy, psychology and logic courses.

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