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Turkish Language

Turkey, Adana, Alanya, Antalya, Bursa, İzmir, Kadıköy, Kızılay, Samsun, Taksim, Marmaris, Yenişehir
Tuition fee $14,500.00 per year


Turkish, the root of which dates back to the earliest period of the history, is a world language, very rich in words and eloquence, spoken by more than 200 million people in a large geography.
Turkey Turkish is a branch of Turkish, interacted with lots of languages throughout the history and a person who learns Turkey Turkish will both be involved in a rich culture created by this language and get the key of understanding the other branches of Turkish language used in a large geography.
Foundation aims of TÖMER, Turkish & Foreign Languages Application & Research Center of Ankara University, is to teach Turkish as a foreign language inside the country and to teach Turkish as a native language to the Turks outside the country as well as promoting Turkey and Turkish culture. Among the aims of TÖMER, there are also such aims as preparing schedules and developing methods for teaching Turkish as a foreign and native language and also carrying out scientific studies based on cooperation with various agencies and institutions inside and outside the country.
TÖMER Turkish Department which handles Turkish teaching as a foreign language with a scientific approach has an experienced and dynamic academic staff composed of teachers who are experts in their fields, some of whom have completed their post graduate and doctorate studies. Courses are provided in the classes composed of 5-16 students equipped with visual and audio tools in the shape of “U” desks. Turkish courses are organized in intensive courses of 80 hours, normal courses of 96 hours and of one month, in periods of two months; students completing Basic Turkish II course deserve to obtain the certificate of A1, students completing Basic Turkish IV course deserve to obtain the certificate of A2, students completing Intermediate Turkish IV course deserve to obtain the certificate of B1, students completing Advanced Turkish II course deserve to obtain the certificate of B2; students completing Advanced Turkish IV course deserve to obtain the diploma approved by the Presidency of Ankara University (C1 certificate). In such levels as Basic Turkish I, Basic Turkish III, Intermediate Turkish I, Intermediate Turkish III, Advanced Turkish I and Advanced Turkish III which are not equivalent of any ADP (European Language Portfolio) certificate levels, students can pass to the upper level in accordance with the performance assessment criteria determined by the teacher during that level. Students who are not found appropriate by the teacher to pass to the upper level can take the level passing examination, if they request, and can continue the upper level if they become successful.

Programme structure

Turkish courses are composed of totally 12 levels as 4 Basic Courses, 4 Intermediate Courses and 4 Advanced Courses. Our students are assessed at the end of each level through four basic language skills (listening-comprehending, reading- comprehending, speaking, written expression) and level passing examination including supplementary skills which support these skills (grammar). Yeni HİTİT Turkish Teaching Set 1-2-3 and their study books, CDs, video cassettes, following the books as a grammar index, as well as supplementary materials, prepared by Turkish teachers, are used in the courses.

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