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The products have become more and more important both in terms of aesthetics and function due to increasing competition in the markets of the globalizing world. The concept of Fashion Design has gained an important place in production circles. The Fashion Industry has acquired the skills and knowledge to use the latest technologies that can change and develop rapidly. In this atmosphere, fashion designers with the ability and creativity to organize the design process are required.

The aim of the Fashion and Textile Design Program is to train designers who can make designs in accordance with the aesthetic and functional values, possess the ability and knowledge to create fashion and brand names, follow technological improvements, and have the qualifications required by the fashion industry. The projects identified within the university-industry cooperation enable the students to carry out production-oriented studies until graduation. Thus, the aim of training designers with the ability to create fashion and brand names could be realized.

Programme structure

The Fashion and Textile Design Program is based on a notion of creating world brands with its applied and theoretical courses, studio and atelier studies, computer aided design courses, and projects that encompass the whole process from design to production.

The courses in the curriculum of Fashion Design Department are categorized under four groups as basic, supplementary, elective vocational, and elective courses. During the application based courses that start in the sophomore year, the students can have the opportunity to produce the designs, and they improve themselves with industry-oriented studies. Besides, thanks to the computer aided design education they carry their designs to the electronic environment enjoying the state of the art of computer laboratories.

Benefitting from the vocational elective courses developed and updated in line with the business fields, the Department of Fashion and Textile Design enables students to specialize in their favourite fields. The program involves theoretical and applied courses and projects about basic design, drawing, sewing techniques, pattern knowledge, artistic and experimental approaches. The projects carried out in line with the industry’s requirements help the instructors to convey the necessary elements that should be taken into consideration while preparing collections for specific purposes to students. The department is in cooperation with the private sector and other universities. In addition, fashion shows, exhibitions, and other activities are held to help our students meet with companies and consumers

Career opportunities

The Fashion and Textile Design graduates acquire the title of ‘Fashion Designers’. They can work as Fashion Designers at the studios or factories that focus on ready-made clothing or custom design clothing, design or film studios, public or private organizations focusing on performance arts, research and development units of textile and ready-made clothing companies, or the relevant units of public or private organizations that produce designs. They can start their own design studios and prepare collections for the domestic or international markets.

Apply now! Commence year 2019
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Aug 30, 2019 23:59
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Studies commence
Sep 21, 2019
Apply now! Commence year 2019
Application deadline
Sep 1, 2019 23:59
Europe/Istanbul time
Studies commence
Nov 4, 2019

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