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Since the 2003-2004 academic year , Atılım University, Faculty of Law continues to offer legal education. Our students applying from all over this country are provided legal education by the experienced, invaluable and ideally qualifed academic staff whose main goal is to convey their knowledge to younger generations. Continuing in the footsteps of success to meet our goals, very knowledgeable and wellqualifİed young academic staff are also involved in the teaching law programme as senior lecturers.
The main aim behind the logic of the education and training in law does not mean students should be loaded with detailed knowledge. Instead, the main purpose is to educate and train our students to enhance their abilities to think systematically in order to reach the concrete information to be able to communicate. The initiatives for a lawyer should be virtuous, tolerant, broad-minded, and morally integrated lawyers having received the specific knowledge focusing on the study of law, in particular the sense of humaniterianism is also one of the most important traits and dispositions for a lawyer.
As many countries, Turkey is influenced by the growing need for the regulations to standardize legal education to a level where an innovative harmonization of legal education on both European Union and global scales is realized. Accordingly, the technological improvements and national requirements have affected the content of legal education to a great extent. To envisage to reach a knowledgeable society requires constant critical judgement on the content of the legal education. This means that we must be prepared to look outward and to respond to the new realities of our global society to create innovations for the legal education in accordance with the idea of “ constitutional state”.
To educate legal professionals who maintain justice which forms the primary foundation for the state itself presents vital importance. Keeping this in mind, our Faculty will continue to keep deepening advanced programs of study in law to deliever an outstanding legal education.

Programme structure

The Faculty of Law was established in 2003, and its first academic year began in the November of the same year. Its curriculum is prepared according to the below mentioned considerations.
In recent years, as a consequence of rapid developments on both regional and global levels, the structure of both state and society has been deeply influenced by international and supranational improvements. One of the expected results of this fact is the rearrangement of educational curricula into a form able to reflect this transformation. Due to the significance of the role it plays in society, the law discipline is at the forefront of this adaptation. For this reason the curriculum of the Atılım University Faculty of Law has been designed to take this reality into consideration. Two interrelated dimensions have been taken into account during the adaptation. The first is the teaching of English, the global language, and the other is the provision of knowledge related to newly emerged topics .In this context the traditional and basic branches of law are taught in Turkish as obligatory courses. In regard to the newly emerged fields, some are accorded obligatory status others are offered as elective courses. Courses from supplementary branches of law are also included in the curriculum. Some of these, as is also the case with courses from the newly emerged fields, are considered to be better taught in English.
In sum, the main goal or philosophy behind the curriculum is not to merely give information to students but to provide them with the knowledge and background that will enable them to access and process information and thus make well-reasoned judgements.

Career opportunities

Students, who graduated from the faculty of law, have various job opportunities in different areas. They can perform traditional judicial jobs like judgeship, prosecution, notary and free attorneyship at law and also they can have a possibility to be successful at jobs like expertise for different areas, diplomacy, governership.

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