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MAGlobal Affairs & Eu Studies (Non-Thesis)

Tuition fee $2,900.00 per year
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The first thing to note is that the program will be based solidly within the confines of the International Relations discipline. The program is primarily aimed at capturing the unusually rapid transformations happening all around us – at the systemic, regional and local levels.

The transformations and/or radical changes that are talked about include such items as the phenomenal rise of information technology, and the subsequent repercussions in globalized trade. Other items that are frequently cited are: energy and the increasing concern over energy security/insecurity, the debate about increasing multilateralism versus the traditional role of the state, electronic transmission of funds worldwide and the currency fluctuations, the fate of the existing regional groupings and the fortunes of emerging economic powers.
Last, but not least, in this context are the challenges posed by climatic changes, and the environmental hazards that come along with them, as well as the question of alternative energies that arise as a result.

Such developments require a mastery of conjuncture analysis, as well as the ability to monitor the parameters in politics, international economy, socio-cultural indicators and the ever-rising impact of the media. Therefore, students will be encouraged to develop a diverse range of analytical and methodological skills, including the ability to read into and interpret technical as well as country-specific developments.

Apart from the required core courses, derived from the basic discipline of IR, there will be several ‘tracks’, as well as modules or clusters of elective courses, which the students will be free to package and design themselves.

Programme structure

In line with general implementation, the program will be structured in two basic modalities:

• Program with Thesis consisting of 24 credit hours / 8 courses – 4 required core and 4 electives-and the Master thesis
24 credits / 8 courses = 4 required core courses + 4 electives + the thesis

• Non-thesis program, on the other hand will consist of 30 credit hours/10 courses (4 required core and 6 electives)
30 credits / 10 courses = 4 required core courses + 6 electives

The program is structured along ‘tracks’ designed to offer a wide measure of choice to the students. Those who would follow the traditional IR curriculum (with emphasis on security, strategy, human rights) will be offered a program based upon the ‘classical’ approach.

Those with a pragmatic bent will have the option of designing their own program, selecting their courses from among the various ‘modules’ (regional political economies, BRIIC countries and European Union for instance).

The language of instruction is Turkish. Students will be allowed to determine their own pace, depending upon the requirements of professional obligations, but the reasonable expectation would be the completion of the program within four semesters.

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