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MAPublic Law (Non-Thesis)

Tuition fee $2,900.00 per year
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The main objective of Public Law Graduate Program is to nurture sophisticated lawyers, who follow public law developments and innovations in the domestic and international arena and who are able to propose solutions to the problems that can arise in their fields having a high level of proficiency in scientific techniques and methods. Students participating in the wide range of context and content-rich courses will have the opportunity to refresh knowledge or complete any deficiencies during undergraduate education and specialize in any field of their choice. Our Public Law Graduate Program aspires to resolve the problems that graduate students might experience while applying their knowledge to real world situations by instilling how the existing knowledge might be used in practice and providing them with chances to gain experience in their fields thus enabling them to have a high level of proficiency in public law topics and to acquire practical competence.

The program aims to nurture qualified lawyers in all fields of public law. To this end, it responds adeptly to provide students with in-depth knowledge in International Public Law, European Union Law, Human Rights Law and in similar fields in relation to Public Law. It also aims to educate lawyers with professional and practical understanding of domestic and international developments and the ability to apply the knowledge as well as the ability to solve the problems encountered in the selected fields accurately by intellectualizing them and in a way that is reasonable in terms of law.

Programme structure

During the writing of a thesis stipulated to complete the program, students will decide on the topics they want to specialize in under the guidance of advisor professors and will prepare a master’s thesis in the light of the information gained from courses that they have been successful at and in conformity with the methods of scientific research and writing. During their thesis studies students will develop the ability to evaluate and interpret information gathered from various sources and will have the competence to conduct scientific works. Thus, students will be encouraged to bring about scientific works to contribute to theory and practice in different fields of public law. As a result, our Public Law Graduate Program aims to educate lawyers and experts who demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals and development of rules of law and who have advanced capabilities to comprehend and analyze the current legal issues of the globalized world.

Structure of the Program
In line with general implementation, the program will be structured in two basic modalities:

- Master’s program with thesis consisting of a total of 7 elective courses with 21 credits, a graduate seminar and Master’s Degree thesis.

- Master’s program without thesis consists of a total of 10 elective courses with 30 credits and a half term project. However, if the students graduated from different faculties did not take scientific preparation courses during their undergraduate study, the elective courses will turn into compulsory.

Language of the program is Turkish. In order to allow students to choose the courses depending on their own interests and focus on the intended academic studies, course selection is set optional. Though the students will be allowed to determine their own pace, the reasonable expectation would be the completion of the program within four semesters.

The courses are generally held in weekday evening hours, between 18:00 – 21:00.

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