Higher education in Turkey, A new beginning in your life

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The Turkish higher education system is similar to other European countries. Here is the brief on Turkish Higher Education System!

Turkey is a wonderful and enriching experience as you discover ancient traditions, a friendly Turkish culture, historical sites as well as places and destinations that will make a wonderful country for your holidays or to live or to study. During your study in Turkey, you will have a chance to discover Turkey from the North to the South, from the East to the East as well.

Turkey, including access to higher education has demonstrated primarily growth in higher education in recent years and made significant progress in many areas. As of today, approximately 7.2 million students, 206 higher education institutions constitute the higher education area. In terms of the number of students, the Turkish higher education system is the second largest country in the European Higher Education Area after Russia.

In addition to this quantitative growth, policies are determined in order to enable the institutions to realize their missions in a more qualified way, decisions and investments are made within the framework of mission differentiation. As a result of this, our higher education institutions are getting better points in their fields in the world and thus are becoming more and more popular.

In parallel with the developments in the field of internationalization, the Turkish higher education system has shown a great improvement in recent years. Various strategies are being developed to enable Turkish higher education system to become an international center of attraction and to gain more students and instructors from more countries.

According to information compiled from sources HEC and SSPC, It shows 206 universities in Turkey. Of these universities, 77 are foundation universities, while 129 are state universities. While all provinces in Turkey have a state university, but foundation universities are usually established in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Most universities in the city in Turkey, with 55 universities in Istanbul. There are 9 state universities in Istanbul as well as 46 foundation universities. It is remarkable that more than half of the foundation universities were established in Istanbul.

7 Jan 2019