6- Other State Universities (Kunib e-YÖS Exam)

Apart from the top level competitive universities, and special consideration Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy programs, there are plenty of other choices for public universities which offer degrees in Engineering, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Arts, etc. Tuition can be as low as $300 per year in some of these universities. Language of instruction is mostly in Turkish and YOS exam is required. (No need to know Turkish to solve YOS)

Through Study in Turkey and KUNIB (Caucasian Universities Platform) collaboration, you can take common e-YOS exam which is recognized by around 60 state and private universities and we can help with you with the application and placement process.

Examination Application And Fee Payment Date: 13.02.2015- 30.04.2015
Examinaton Date, Time, Duration: 17.05.2015, 09:30, 100 mn.
Examinaton Fee Examinaton Fee For Turkey: 150 $

17 Sep 2018