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BAInternational Relations

Tuition fee $17,400.00 per year

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Application fee $150.00 one-time
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Committed to a liberal arts tradition of intellectual curiosity and diversity, the International Relations Department at Koç University offers students a rigorous program of study that prepares them for successful careers in a rapidly globalizing world.

Programme structure

The students examine the basic questions of International Relations, including how nations struggle over power and wealth, how political communities reconcile claims of authority, liberty, and justice, and how governments and societies produce the policies that influence our lives. Students choose courses from the major subfields of international politics, comparative government, Turkish politics, and political theory. They develop critical analytical skills allowing them to explain, compare, and generalize about political phenomena in a broad range of countries, employing the key methodologies of the discipline.The undergraduate program allows for specialization in the International Political Economy track, designed for students who are particularly interested in the interactions of the economic dimensions of international relations.

The curriculum is designed to: (i) stimulate intellectual curiosity, (ii) develop proficiency in the use of analytical techniques, (iii) integrate theory and applications involved in the exercise of managerial responsibilities, and (iv) afford students the opportunity to recognize and appreciate an organization’s ethical and social responsibilities. The rigorous in-class learning experience is complemented with simulations, case-analyses, and industry/company based projects. The flexibility to accommodate a broad spectrum of personal objectives has been incorporated into the curriculum of the program through technical area courses and electives that permit students to define a course of study which serves their individual needs.

Career opportunities

The graduates of the Department have a unique combination of attributes, such as well developed writing skills, quantitative backgrounds, and in-depth country knowledge that enable them to pursue competitive careers in organizations, such as multinational firms, banks, trade and commercial groups, advertising agencies, the foreign ministry, and private consulting agencies.Many graduates continue their studies by pursuing Master of Art and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Turkey and abroad.

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Feb 2, 2018